The progress of GSOC hypervisor for RTEMS

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Mon Jun 13 14:41:55 UTC 2011

Hi, everyone:
My GSOC project is Hypervisor for RTEMS, the aim of this project is to make RTEMS
support virtualization which allow other OS like linux coexit with the RTEMS under the
same hardware. And this project is not everything designed from scratch, it is based
on project AIR which has designed a hypervisor kernel.
Since the project begins my mainly work is blow:
1). Get familiar with the AIR source code including a hypervisor kernel and some patch
to RTEMS4.8.1. And setup a development environment to build AIR project and its sample
test case. (my blog records details [1])
2). Merger the Para-virtualized RTEMS to RTEMS4.8.1 with a more clean way. First add
a BSP supporting for all the SPARC architecture para-vitualization. Modified the source
code in score with IFDEF technology. Now the para-virtualized RTEMS can be configured
and built with option --enable-rtemsbsp=air-partition-sparc.
Plan for the next stage:
1). Clean the unused codes of BSP air-partition-sparc, enhanced the para-ops functions which
is correspondingto AIR's PAL functions(include initialition, irq and timer hookers)
2). merge the AIR hypervisor into RTEMS4.8.1 with an more clean way.(this implement is not decided
and need more discuss.)
If you have any interesting idea and comments please contract me freely!


Best Regards
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