GSoC2011 Lua port Progress report

Christopher Smith cssmith at
Mon Jun 13 15:43:10 UTC 2011

Hello all,

     With the first deadline approaching for the Summer of Code, I have
almost completed the creation of the Lua library.  Using the Lua scripts
provided with the download of the Lua interpreter, I have been testing
coverage of the port.  Currently most of the scripts run without a problem.
 One or two of the scripts require timing information, so I am fixing that
function to get the time similar to how the testsuites/psxtest/psxclock test
case works.  Other issues exist as well, but I should be able to tackle them
in the next day or two.

     I have also been plugging away at the Python to Lua translator.
 Currently, As long as the Python code is written expecting to be translated
to Lua, and it avoids using the Python standard libraries, the translator
works fairly well.  I can call user defined functions, and successfully
translates loops and other conditional execution structures.  I still have
to figure out a way to translate exception handling between the two, as well
as a few of the primitive operators (bitwise operators mainly), but
otherwise it's going fairly well.

     Once I solve the timing issue I mentioned above, i plan to start
working on getting Lua to act as a shell in RTEMS.  I've briefly explored
the current shell implementations, so I have a rough idea of what needs to
be done to accomplish this goal.  There are a few issues that need to be
taken care of, the main one being whether or not the main Lua library should
remain separate from the code base acting as the shell.

     If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

-- Scotty
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