shell/telnetd/SpaceWire question

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Fri Jun 3 14:52:23 UTC 2011

Ah, yes, that makes much sense; I guess I was
focused on the "packet" nature of SpaceWire, but it
does look more like a serial port...

So I wonder - is using telnetd completely wrong
thinking on my part?
Maybe I should look into something that would be
used like this:

     "/dev/ptySpaceWire",    // SpaceWire
pseudo-terminal device

If so, where do I begin to create the
"/dev/ptySpaceWire" device?  I highly suspect this
is so obvious to more thoroughly schooled Linux


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  >the shell via telnetd uses the RTEMS pseudo-tty
  package, so you may
  >adapt the SpaceWire transport layer using PTTY
  >If it is feasible to use the telnetd as a
  starting point, I cant tell,
  >because I know very little about SpaceWire.
  >Am 03.06.2011 15:36, schrieb Robert S. Grimes:
  >> Hi,
  >> I am hoping to run the RTEMS shell over a
  SpaceWire port, as I won't
  >> have a serial port available in the deployed
  system. Out of the box,
  >> the shell can use the console or the telnetd;
  what is the best way to
  >> add a third option?
  >> For those that don't know, SpaceWire is
  packet-based, so it seems that
  >> variant of telnetd that uses SpaceWire packets
  might be the way to go -
  >> does that make sense?
  >> What would be the best way to begin? Any
  suggestions welcome!
  >> Thanks.
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