Support for CentOS 6 (temporarily?) suspended

Steven Grunza grunza at
Thu Jun 30 13:57:13 UTC 2011

Just as a note for your information:

	There is a Linux distribution called Scientific Linux
( that seems to be similar to CentOS in
that they are following Red Hat.  SL currently has 6.0 out and I'm
running 6.1beta since I have a customer for whom Red Hat 6 is the
ultimate target and I needed test machines without the cost of
entitlements for Red Hat (and fixes in 6.1 are necessary for the

	You (and the people guiding RTEMS) would need to decide if the
goals of the Scientific Linux project align well enough with RTEMS to
consider specifically supporting it.  The reason I'm sending you this
message is to inform you of the existence of a possible substitute for
CentOS 6.  I haven't used Scientific Linux enough to make a specific
recommendation either way.

Steven Grunza

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> Hi,
> The rtems packages on labeled "CentOS6", so far have
> been
> built with RHEL6 beta packages, presuming would release
> CentOS 6 not too much after RHEL6.
> Meanwhile, almost 8 months have passed by, but CentOS 6 still is
> not
> out[1]. However the RHEL-beta is showing its age, diverges
> increasingly
> from RHEL6 and becomes increasingly difficult to use and to access.
> Therefore, I have decided to (temporarily?) suspend support of the
> toolchains for CentOS6.
> In practice this means, these repositories will not receive any
> further
> rtems-toolchain updates before CentOS 6 will be released or a
> suitable
> substitute for CentOS 6 has been found.
> FWIW: The CentOS calendar[2] currently tells CentOS 6 was scheduled
> for Jul 4  ... we'll see if this date will slip again ;)
> Ralf
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> [2]
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