question about GSOC 2011

quanming shi shiquanming10 at
Sat Mar 19 12:26:22 UTC 2011

I am trying to know about how to join in the rtems project of  GSOC2011

the plan of GSOC for this week should be the time of  "discuss application
ideas with mentoring organizations" . I want to know  that is  this mailing
list  exactly the suitable place for student participants to introduce
themselves ,discuss the project or ideas and ask questions?  If  there is
another mailing list or email address for these GSOC2011 issues ,please let
me know
I am interested in the "MMU Support" project . Who should I discuss with
about this project ? It seems a lot of works have been finished in GSOC2010,
I want to know more about the project status and the work content this year.
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