filesystem in eeprom

А. Панфилов cloud1567 at
Wed May 4 12:01:00 UTC 2011

Hello. I've read some documentation on your website and i've discovered a possibility of creating filesystem on the eeprom device. Unfortunately, i couldn't find a good example of using this feauture. I've tried to write my own app similar to this example: which I want to use the highest half of my eeprom (which size is 1mb) as a storage with filesystem.But nothing works. Here's my code:
I've got unusual eeprom device, for which i've written special read/write functions (eeprom_read/write in my code). These functions are working fine, but when I try to use them in my code, they are never called. Probably, I'm doing something wrong and I would really appreciate if anyone could give me an advice or working example.
Thanks in advance. 
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