Problems with RTEMS installation

Konstantinos Papadopoulos kpapadopoulos1984 at
Mon May 23 09:43:25 UTC 2011

I am currently involved in some projects related to testing of Real-Time
Operating Systems including RTEMS for LEON3.

I tried to build and install RTEMS toolchain based on the specific “Getting
Started” Guide for performing some measurements, but I experienced some
problems. It must be pointed out that the version of RTEMS used is 4.8.1
while the PC is running Ubuntu 11.04.

During ‘make’, an error with the message “No acceptance cc found in $PATH”
that causes the unsuccessful termination of this procedure occurs. This
seems to happen because the cross compilation toolset may be ignored, since
a message “checking for sparc-rtems-gcc… no” is performed before the
aforementioned error (the same also happens with other components of cross
compilation such as ‘sparc-rtems-strip’). Moreover, it must be pointed out
that I do have the cross compilation toolset in our search path as the guide
mentioned above advices us to do, while it is first in it to ensure that I
am using the intended version of all tools. Finally, when I try to access
these tools from an independent bash shell, they are recognized and run
regularly. To summarize, I would like to ask you whether this problem has
been previously referred and if there is any solution to overpass it.

Thank you in advance,

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