Create one pen drive to boot an example program hello.exe

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Fri May 6 15:13:16 UTC 2011

On 05/06/2011 09:21 AM, BRUNO FELIPE wrote:
> Dear,
> I'm currently working with Fedora 14 - 11 RTEMS on VirtualBox. I need 
> to create one pen drive to boot an example program (hello.exe).
> I describe following the steps that I make. First, I use qemu to 
> emulate de process, along with "RTEMS-boot.img"and the file 
> "RTEMS-grub.cfg" modified for the program hello.exe. Finally, I try to 
> execute the program hello.exe in the qemu but  in the  console output 
> not appear anything (I make the compilation with pc386 script).
> How can create a .exe file that redirects the stdout to console? Or 
> simple compile the herlo world example with this feature?
Make it a grub bootable drive.  Then use something like this in the

serial --unit=0 --speed=9600
terminal serial
title=  Automatically Run Test
kernel= (hd0,0)/test.exe --console=com1
#kernel= (hd0,0)/test.exe --console=vgacons

That's what the test configuration of qemu uses on the boot
floppy image.
> Do you have any sugestion, to this problem ?
> Thank you for all.
> Best regards,
> Bruno

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