Create one pen drive to boot an example program hello.exe

Till Straumann strauman at
Fri May 6 16:23:44 UTC 2011

I usually have no problems with rtems on qemu.
The VGA console 'just works'. AFAIK you only
have to perform extra steps if you want so use
a serial console.

I just tried the following:

1) download the grub boot floppy-image from here:

2) launch qemu to boot a vanilla-built RTEMS 'hello.exe', i.e.,
    when configuring RTEMS no special configure variables were set
    to use a serial console.

qemu -m 128 -boot a -fda /tmp/rtems-boot.img \
      -hda fat:/opt/rtems-4.10/src/rtems/build-vi386-rtems/\

And - boom, qemu comes up showing a grub prompt. At the grub
prompt I enter:

grub> multiboot (hd0,1)/hello.exe
grub> boot

RTEMS then comes up and executes 'hello.exe' The qemu
console window looks like this:

Initialized console on port CONSOLE

Hello World

EXECUTIVE SHUTDOWN! Any key to reboot...

-- Till

On 05/06/2011 09:21 AM, BRUNO FELIPE wrote:
> Dear,
> I'm currently working with Fedora 14 - 11 RTEMS on VirtualBox. I need to
> create one pen drive to boot an example program (hello.exe).
> I describe following the steps that I make. First, I use qemu to emulate
> de process, along with "RTEMS-boot.img"and the file "RTEMS-grub.cfg"
> modified for the program hello.exe. Finally, I try to execute the
> program hello.exe in the qemu but  in the  console output not appear
> anything (I make the compilation with pc386 script).
> How can create a .exe file that redirects the stdout to console? Or
> simple compile the herlo world example with this feature?
> Do you have any sugestion, to this problem ?
> Thank you for all.
> Best regards,
> Bruno
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