Create one pen drive to boot an example program hello.exe

BRUNO FELIPE brunogpf at
Mon May 9 16:43:16 UTC 2011

I used suggestions from Joel and Till. but without any result favorable to
my goal. The problem that I found and still have is that I can not display the
output of any program on your computer's startup, using the pen drive.
I can see
the menu options and choose the programs, but can not show the result of the

In the GNU GRUB menu, I have two programs:
hello pc386
minimum pc386
By choosing the option "hello pc386" I have the following output:

Initializing console on COM1 port 9600-8N-1
Warning: This Will Be the last message on console

How do I show the output of the hello program, after selecting the menu?

Thank you for all.

Best regards,

2011/5/6 BRUNO FELIPE <brunogpf at>

> Dear,
> I'm currently working with Fedora 14 - 11 RTEMS on VirtualBox. I need to
> create one pen drive to boot an example program (hello.exe).
> I describe following the steps that I make. First, I use qemu to emulate de
> process, along with "RTEMS-boot.img"and the file "RTEMS-grub.cfg" modified
> for the program hello.exe. Finally, I try to execute the program hello.exe
> in the qemu but  in the  console output not appear anything (I make the
> compilation with pc386 script).
> How can create a .exe file that redirects the stdout to console? Or simple
> compile the herlo world example with this feature?
> Do you have any sugestion, to this problem ?
> Thank you for all.
> Best regards,
>  Bruno
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