Google Code-In Update

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Sun Nov 20 16:02:08 UTC 2011


If you want to be a mentor, there is still time.
The process isn't the smoothest but bounce
email or chat with me privately and I will get
you through it.

This year tasks are released in two batches.
I have imported the first batch into their system.
If you are a confirmed mentor for RTEMS, then
you should be able to see them now.  For unique
tasks, I assigned the most logical person. For
"generic" tasks, I rotated through mentors trying
to balance the load.

The spreadsheet I used to create the bulk of the
tasks is at  There is a tab for
the first batch of tasks and tabs for the remaining BSP and
Moodle tasks.

BSP Wiki pages tasks are to create or populate Wiki
pages for BSPs without them.  For these tasks, the
important thing is to capture the technical information
on the board with good references.  This is mostly
a matter of translating technical specifications into
our Wiki page format with a bit of creativity.  Sometimes
there is an email on the user's list with good information
to include.  The bottom line is that neither they nor
you likely know any details on how to boot RTEMS
or debug on that board.  The details will hopefully be
added later by a user of that BSP.

I know more people will sign up to mentor and
I will try to spread the load around further as
they show up.

If I assigned tasks to you that you do not want,
let me know.  Remember, these are small tasks for
high school students.

If there are any questions, ping me privately.



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