MVME162 BSP Issues

Hoover, Victor P CTR NAVAIR, AIR victor.hoover.ctr at
Wed Nov 2 16:57:04 UTC 2011

> The NIC is not yet supported.

Okay, if I make any progress at all I should be able to steal network
Code from the MVME167 BSP - my 162 and 167 boards (at least) use the
Same NIC chip.

> FWIW this looks like a pre-termios driver so it is possible that
> the input doesn't interface correctly.  Check that inbyte works
> and then refactor the driver to follow the "simple polled
> single port" template.  powerpc/psim has a nice example of
> this.  Basically inbyte/outbyte become support routines
> for a framework.

Yep, I had already dug through the console.c code for both the 162 and
167 BSPs and noticed that the 162 BSP didn't have the termios code.

> This is a very old BSP.  It was the first BSP ever submitted.
> Any updates will be appreciated.  I will review and merge
> them.

Hopefully I can get things working although it's going to be on a part
time basis.  I need to build a system to do some data capture but it's
currently a low priority project.

On the seriously bad side though I seem to have some problems with the
development tools.  I've discovered that the printf function doesn't
work right for me.  If I do a printf of a newline terminated string it
prints to the console.  If the string does not end with a newline or
if the string contains any kind of formatting commands (%s, %d, etc.)
then processor halts.  If I can't sort this out then trying to do any
kind of testing or development is going to be very tricky.

	- Vic Hoover

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