MVME162 BSP Issues

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Nov 2 17:12:51 UTC 2011

On 11/02/2011 11:57 AM, Hoover, Victor P CTR NAVAIR, AIR wrote:
>> The NIC is not yet supported.
> Okay, if I make any progress at all I should be able to steal network
> Code from the MVME167 BSP - my 162 and 167 boards (at least) use the
> Same NIC chip.
>> FWIW this looks like a pre-termios driver so it is possible that
>> the input doesn't interface correctly.  Check that inbyte works
>> and then refactor the driver to follow the "simple polled
>> single port" template.  powerpc/psim has a nice example of
>> this.  Basically inbyte/outbyte become support routines
>> for a framework.
> Yep, I had already dug through the console.c code for both the 162 and
> 167 BSPs and noticed that the 162 BSP didn't have the termios code.
That's what I tried years ago for someone.  But it never got
debugged.  There are minor differences between the two
boards so it should be a matter of just tripping the right bit.

FWIW the 167 BSP is used more by the EPICS community.
But both boards are quite old at this point.  I know we
had to located a new RTC because the battery had died
in the one we were given.
>> This is a very old BSP.  It was the first BSP ever submitted.
>> Any updates will be appreciated.  I will review and merge
>> them.
> Hopefully I can get things working although it's going to be on a part
> time basis.  I need to build a system to do some data capture but it's
> currently a low priority project.
It should be quite good at that.
> On the seriously bad side though I seem to have some problems with the
> development tools.  I've discovered that the printf function doesn't
> work right for me.  If I do a printf of a newline terminated string it
> prints to the console.  If the string does not end with a newline or
> if the string contains any kind of formatting commands (%s, %d, etc.)
> then processor halts.  If I can't sort this out then trying to do any
> kind of testing or development is going to be very tricky.
I am pretty sure that is a side effect of the driver not
properly supporting termios.  I would do the minor
hacking required to switch it to the same style as
psim.  It shouldn't take very long.  That also might be
enough to fix reading the console.

printf() also shouldn't be used during initialization, etc.
due to being able to potentially block.
> 	- Vic Hoover

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