MVME162 BSP Issues

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Wed Nov 2 22:32:36 UTC 2011

Stack overflow perhaps?
Using a C library routine before all the required data structures have been set up?
Have you tried using printk in your startup tests?

On Nov 2, 2011, at 3:11 PM, Hoover, Victor P CTR NAVAIR, AIR wrote:

>> That's what I tried years ago for someone.  But it never got
>> debugged.  There are minor differences between the two
>> boards so it should be a matter of just tripping the right bit.
> Right, different serial chips.
>>> On the seriously bad side though I seem to have some problems with
>> the
>>> development tools.  I've discovered that the printf function doesn't
>>> work right for me.  If I do a printf of a newline terminated string
>> it
>>> prints to the console.  If the string does not end with a newline or
>>> if the string contains any kind of formatting commands (%s, %d, etc.)
>>> then processor halts.  If I can't sort this out then trying to do any
>>> kind of testing or development is going to be very tricky.
>> I am pretty sure that is a side effect of the driver not
>> properly supporting termios.  I would do the minor
>> hacking required to switch it to the same style as
>> psim.  It shouldn't take very long.  That also might be
>> enough to fix reading the console.
>> printf() also shouldn't be used during initialization, etc.
>> due to being able to potentially block.
> It's not happening during initialization.
> I discovered the printf problem trying to run the fileio program on the 162
> board.  The last line of the menu is a string without a newline terminator.
> The board halts with the STAT light on and never prints that string.  If I
> add the newline terminator the string prints and the STAT light stays off.
> However, the next piece of code is asking for user input and no input is
> accepted.  However, the system continues to run (no STAT light).
> The reason I don't think the printf problem is related to the console I/O
> is that I added some lines of sprintf test code between the menu lines.
> The STAT light came on when the first sprintf function was executed.  All
> I was trying to do was sprintf a text string into a char array.
>     - Vic Hoover
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