MVME162 BSP Issues

Hoover, Victor P CTR NAVAIR, AIR victor.hoover.ctr at
Wed Nov 2 22:11:06 UTC 2011

> That's what I tried years ago for someone.  But it never got
> debugged.  There are minor differences between the two
> boards so it should be a matter of just tripping the right bit.

Right, different serial chips.

> > On the seriously bad side though I seem to have some problems with
> the
> > development tools.  I've discovered that the printf function doesn't
> > work right for me.  If I do a printf of a newline terminated string
> it
> > prints to the console.  If the string does not end with a newline or
> > if the string contains any kind of formatting commands (%s, %d, etc.)
> > then processor halts.  If I can't sort this out then trying to do any
> > kind of testing or development is going to be very tricky.
> >
> I am pretty sure that is a side effect of the driver not
> properly supporting termios.  I would do the minor
> hacking required to switch it to the same style as
> psim.  It shouldn't take very long.  That also might be
> enough to fix reading the console.
> printf() also shouldn't be used during initialization, etc.
> due to being able to potentially block.

It's not happening during initialization.

I discovered the printf problem trying to run the fileio program on the 162
board.  The last line of the menu is a string without a newline terminator.
The board halts with the STAT light on and never prints that string.  If I
add the newline terminator the string prints and the STAT light stays off.
However, the next piece of code is asking for user input and no input is
accepted.  However, the system continues to run (no STAT light).

The reason I don't think the printf problem is related to the console I/O
is that I added some lines of sprintf test code between the menu lines.
The STAT light came on when the first sprintf function was executed.  All
I was trying to do was sprintf a text string into a char array.

     - Vic Hoover

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