MVME162 BSP Issues

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>> Stack overflow perhaps?
>> Using a C library routine before all the required data structures have
>> been set up?
>> Have you tried using printk in your startup tests?
> Just to clarify, I'm testing with the testsuites/samples/fileio program.
> The problems are occurring in the function that displays the menu to the
> user.  I'm assuming that at this point everything should be initialized.
> Stack size:
> I've increased the stack sizes and still have the same problems.  Besides,
> stack issues wouldn't explain the following:
>     printf("test output\n");    // works fine
>     printf("test output");      // locks the processor
> printk:
> I tried using printk to display a newline terminated text string.  No output
> Appeared on the console port but the system didn't hang.
This BSP doesn't appear to have printk support.
> I did find out why the 162 BSP doesn't accept any user input though.  The
> char_ready function in console.c always returns false even on success.  Once
> I changed the final line in the function to return true then I managed to
> get input data to the program.
That makes sense.
> That's one step further than I was yesterday.
>       - Vic Hoover

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