MVME162 BSP Issues

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Nov 3 22:45:30 UTC 2011

On 4/11/11 3:35 AM, Hoover, Victor P CTR NAVAIR, AIR wrote:
> Stack size:
> I've increased the stack sizes and still have the same problems.  Besides,
> stack issues wouldn't explain the following:
>     printf("test output\n");    // works fine
>     printf("test output");      // locks the processor
> printk:
> I tried using printk to display a newline terminated text string.  No output
> Appeared on the console port but the system didn't hang.

Are you linking with the correct libc ? If you have the LC part you do 
not have an FPU. If your linker command or tools are not correct the 
default 68020 library links and that requires a FPU. This always trips 
in the printf function first.

A simple check is:

  m68k-rtems4.11-objdump -d myapp | grep fmovemx


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