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Needell Gerald jerry.needell at unh.edu
Sun Nov 6 21:01:15 UTC 2011

Since you asked for comments..
If you do go this route,  I hope that all users will be welcome to join the rtems-devel list even if only to eavesdrop on the "robust technical discussions" . I think it is a mistake to shield the users from much of that discussion. I can see the possible need for a distinct forum for posting and reviewing patches, but beyond that I'm not convinced this is a good direction for the RTEMS community as a whole.

I also want to express my sincere appreciation to the RTEMS developers. You provide a great service to the RTEMS users with little or no recognition. Be assured that those of us who use RTEMS and who read the posts to this list know who you are and how much you do. Thank you!
- Jerry
On Nov 6, 2011, at 3:29 PM, Chris Johns wrote:

> Hello,
> Gedare Bloom attended a session on attracting new contributors at the GSoC 2011 summit. One of the outcomes of this session, Gedare and I discussed after, was the need to separate the technically detailed posts from the new user and user posts on the mailing list to help make RTEMS more approachable. A robust technical thread can leave a new user with the perception the list and project is only for those who are fully technically competent and may discourage others from asking questions.
> To better accommodate all users I would like to put forward the splitting of technical developer email traffic away from the 'rtems-user' list to a new 'rtems-devel' list.
> Adding a rtems-devel list provides somewhere patches can be posted and discussed before being committed. RTEMS is now adopting a policy of "commit after review" and a developers list can provide a suitable forum for these patches to be discussed, reviewed and accepted.
> RTEMS will have the following:
> 1. rtems-users: The user list for discussion about using RTEMS,
>    support of RTEMS, possible bugs, and advocacy.
> 2. rtems-devel: Developers list for those developing RTEMS,
>    submitting patches, design and architectural issues, new
>    projects with in RTEMS.
> 3. rtems-announce: Announcements related to RTEMS.
> 4. rtems-vc: The version control commit list.
> 5. rtems-bugs: A list of bugzilla changes. Bugs are not posted
>    to this list and discussion should be inside the specific bug's
>    thread.
> 6. rtems-test: RTEMS test results.
> 7. #rtems: The IRC channel.
> Comments.
> Chris
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