RTEMS developers list (rtems-devel)

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Sun Nov 6 20:29:07 UTC 2011


Gedare Bloom attended a session on attracting new contributors at the 
GSoC 2011 summit. One of the outcomes of this session, Gedare and I 
discussed after, was the need to separate the technically detailed posts 
from the new user and user posts on the mailing list to help make RTEMS 
more approachable. A robust technical thread can leave a new user with 
the perception the list and project is only for those who are fully 
technically competent and may discourage others from asking questions.

To better accommodate all users I would like to put forward the 
splitting of technical developer email traffic away from the 
'rtems-user' list to a new 'rtems-devel' list.

Adding a rtems-devel list provides somewhere patches can be posted and 
discussed before being committed. RTEMS is now adopting a policy of 
"commit after review" and a developers list can provide a suitable forum 
for these patches to be discussed, reviewed and accepted.

RTEMS will have the following:

  1. rtems-users: The user list for discussion about using RTEMS,
     support of RTEMS, possible bugs, and advocacy.

  2. rtems-devel: Developers list for those developing RTEMS,
     submitting patches, design and architectural issues, new
     projects with in RTEMS.

  3. rtems-announce: Announcements related to RTEMS.

  4. rtems-vc: The version control commit list.

  5. rtems-bugs: A list of bugzilla changes. Bugs are not posted
     to this list and discussion should be inside the specific bug's

  6. rtems-test: RTEMS test results.

  7. #rtems: The IRC channel.



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