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RTEMS participated in this last year and we had some nice work
done.  The focus is on smaller tasks -- generally less than a week.
Mentoring a task is not as large a commitment as it is for the
Summer of Code.

If you have ideas for small tasks, pass them along.  Last year, the
most visible tasks done werefirst cut at a lot of BSP wiki pages,
a new logo (on stickers which debut at FSW), and the graphs in
the coverage reports.

If we are accepted, mentors are appreciated.  Contact me privately
about that.

General questions can stay on the list.



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Hi everyone,

We’re pleased to announce that we are planning to run the Google
Code-in contest again this November. We had a successful contest last
year with 20 mentoring organizations and 361 participating students.
We will again be giving 13-17 year old students around the world an
opportunity to get involved with open source projects doing tasks
ranging from documentation to outreach to coding programs.

We’re looking forward to a fun contest this year and hope you’ll
consider participating as a mentor and/or org admin yourself, and
spreading the word to friends, family, and colleagues about the
program. Please check out the timeline [0] for more details on the

We will soon be accepting applications for open source organizations
to become mentoring organizations for this year’s contest. There will
be a separate email thread to this list inviting you to apply to be a
mentoring organization on Monday, 17 October.
Please take some time to discuss with your respective organizations
about whether you feel you have the time and mentor capacity to
participate this year. We won’t kid you: working with teengers can be
demanding. It’s important that your mentors/org be prepared to put the
time in over the holiday, but if you participate you will all have the
satisfaction of sharing your project and your passion for open source
with a truly amazing collection of young people, and getting them
started in our community. We've put together an Information Page [1]
for this year's program to give you some lessons learned from last
year's program. *Please* look this over before deciding to apply to
participate in the program.

We encourage you to join the Google Code-in contest discussion list
[2] and announcement list [3].

Please see our blog post [4] for further details and contact us
directly if you have specific questions that aren’t answered in the
FAQs [5].

[0] - http://www.google-melange.com/gci/events/google/gci2011
[1] - http://code.google.com/p/google-code-in/wiki/GCIAdminMentorInformation
[2] - http://groups.google.com/group/gci-discuss
[3] - http://groups.google.com/group/gci-announce
[4] - http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/2011/10/google-code-in-are-you-in.html
[5] - http://www.google-melange.com/gci/document/show/gci_program/google/gci2011/faq

The Google OSPO Team

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