run example applications

domenico.dileo at domenico.dileo at
Tue Apr 24 15:42:50 UTC 2012

I want to compile the example applications available at:

 From the instructions there,
we have to :
a) run make install in the rtems build directory
b) move to the example folder, create the variable RTMES_MAKEFILE_PATH
and invoke make

I suppose that the with a) we
define the environment variables PROJECT_ROOT and RTEMS_CUSTOM
needed in the Makefile of the examples

If I  don't want to run the make install in rtems build directory
and I want to directly assign a value to these variables,
what should I write?
PROJECT_ROOT= is the top folder of the rtems tree ( in which
there is the rtems code itself,  the testsuite and  so on)


Thank you in advance for your help


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