ANN: CentOS4 is about to reach EOL

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Fri Feb 3 05:57:56 UTC 2012


According to

CentOS4 is scheduled to be discontinued 29 Feb 2012.

After this date, I will discontinue supporting all CentOS4 based RTEMS 
packages. I.e. I will put these RTEMS packages into "deep freeze" and 
will not look into them again. Some time later, these packages may be 
removed without further notice.

This only affects _RTEMS4.8_, the last remaining RTEMS release, CentOS4 
still has been supported until now (RTEMS < 4.8 is unsupported in 
general, CentOS4 is not supported for RTEMS > 4.8)

People who still are using CentOS4, should feel strongly advised to 
switch to a newer OS.


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