How can I get a BSP and start to develop my RTEMS application on Eclipse ? Where is the BSP path ????

João Paulo Scalão Martins joaopaulosm at
Thu Feb 16 20:11:21 UTC 2012

Thank you so much guys!

But I'm still having basic problems. The RTEMS building didn't work
correctly, so I decided to start it all over again. I need to build the
binutils, gcc-core and newlib, etc..

The problem is: there are too many versions! RTEMS Tools version 4.11,
RTEMS building version 4.10.2 ... I'm just getting crazy!

I need your help one more time:

1 - Where is the best place (rtems ftp, git repository, cvs repository,
apt-yum repository) to get the tool chain files ????? And which one should
I download? The 4.10.2 or 4.11 ? Where are the 4.10.2 sources ????
(my host machine is a Intel Core 2 Duo 64bits, running Ubuntu, and my
target is a AMD Geode).

2 - Where is the best place to download the files for BUILD the RTEMS and
examples ??

Thank you, once again!

Best regards,

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