RES: How can I get a BSP and start to develop my RTEMS application on Eclipse ? Where is the BSP path ????

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You are almost right.

I really recommend you to acquire some knowledge about the RTEMS, specifically:

1.       Getting Started

2.       Read some examples in the source code (testsuites/samples)

3.       RTEMS C User's Guide

Topics 1 and 3 you can get here:

Probably you should start with a stable (release) version of RTEMS. For example, 4.10.2.

As an RTEMS user, you have to complete the following tasks:

1.       Prepare the environment.

a.       Get RTEMS tool chains for your BSP (i386 in your case)

b.      Get the RTEMS source code

c.       Bootstrap it

d.      Build RTEMS for pc386 BSP

e.      Install the generated libraries

2.       Creating your own code

a.       Probably the best option is to create your own Makefile from a template (e.g . rtems/make/Templates/Makefile.leaf)

b.      Produce the code and edit the Makefile

c.       Build the code: generating a bootable image

d.      You can test it with QEMU (run and/or debug)

3.       Deploy the bootable image in your target board.

a.       ... well, this is taking too long!

Try to do all if it without Eclipse. Just to be aware of the whole process.

The RTEMS wiki is a very good source of information


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Assunto: How can I get a BSP and start to develop my RTEMS application on Eclipse ? Where is the BSP path ????

Hello guys,

I am just a new guy working with RTEMS (really new, I started about 2 days ago). After reading many "getting started" and "how to" guides, I think that I've made the correct installation of a prebiult RTEMS tools. for i386.

Now, I have a "/opt/rtems-4.11 folder" working on my Ubuntu. And I've already install the RTEMS Eclipse plug-in too. So, when I tried to start with the RTEMS application development on Eclipse, I got the error "make invocation .... returned with error number 2". That is because I cannot set the right BSP Path on the properties!

I know what a BSP is, but I still have some basic questions: (real basics questions)

1 - RTEMS is a Operational System, right? But it is special, it is made for embedded applications. Ok, I know that. I just want to install a RTEMS instance, which will run a basic application (that I will develop) on a Advantech Single Board Computer (with a AMD Geode LX 800 CPU). So, what I got to do is: write my application in the same "code" of the RTEMS source, build this "executable" file, pass this file to the Single Board Computer and ... FINISH!
Am I right?

2 - I know that a BSP is the "code" that the RTEMS Operational System will use to work with the computer peripherals. So what I got to do is: find a i386 BSP, get it from Internet, write my code inside it, and then I have my own RTEMS. Is that correct ?

Assuming that the 2 answers are correct, anyone know where is the BSP path when I install the RTEMS tools ? I have to "build RTEMS" to have a BSP ?

Guys, once again, forgive my lack of knowledge about RTEMS, I am just starting by now...

Thanks so much!

Regards from Brazil !!

Joao Paulo
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