GIT Status Report

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Fri Feb 17 14:44:28 UTC 2012

On 02/17/2012 02:58 PM, Pavel Pisa wrote:
> On Thursday 09 February 2012 04:59:19 Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>> gs seem to me I need to explictily specify
>> "remotes/<repo>/<branch>" in "git checkout -b"'s.
>> My guess is the cause is my converted gits are still using RTEMS-CVS's
>> branch names ("rtems-4-X-branch"), while your gits are using "4.X" as
>> branch names.
> Hello Ralf,
> may it be, that I am late/the second with reply but I think,
> that you want to use branches a way, they are not supposed to work.

Well, I am using exactly the setup which is described in the wiki.

> There are two types of branches in your repository.
> The branches which reflect state of the external "World" i.e.
>    remotes/origin/master
>    remotes/origin/4.10
>    ...
>    remotes/ralf/master
>    ...
Correct, I am accessing several remotes repositories simultaneously.

> and your local branches reflection your inner world i.e.
>    master
>    4.10-bufixes
>    send-to-joel
>    ...
> You can use some graphical tools to navigate through versions.
> I like most of all qgit when GNU/Linux host is used for development.
> You can checkout any version of code if you want to examine
> sources as well i.e.
>    git checkout master
>    git checkout remotes/origin/4.10
>    git checkout remotes/ralf/master
>    git checkout 0ae9ee1da48d7deab49e42aa789ba02de8501047
>    git checkout rtems-4-9-2
> But you could not modify directly whole world.

That's not what I intended. The case which triggered this was me having 
modified some files in a branch in my local checkout, having propagated 
them to their branch counterpart in the personal remote repository, and 
me now trying to push these changes to the global remote repository.

> You can work only
> with your inner world. I.e. branch local branch "master" after
> initial clone. You should not attempt to other remote branches.
This exactly is the purpose of a maintainer. I am trying to apply 
patches I locally tested into the global repository.


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