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I'm developing software that uses RTEMS on an Aeroflex Gaisler LEON3FT processor that is running on a Pender GR-CPCI-AX2000 development board. I am using version 4.10 of RTEMS and RCC

We are working on producing a Magnetometer instrument that will be integrated into ESA's upcoming Solar Orbiter mission to the Sun. We shall be using RTEMS on our Leon3FT CPU. Having just gone through ESA's Preliminary Design Review process, it has been highlighted by ESA that there is a space qualified version of RTEMS available, though this is currently based on version 4.8 of the kernel. I believe this is being developed by the company Edisoft (

I have a few questions about this :

1)  Does anyone know what the difference is exactly between a "standard" and a "space qualified" version of RTEMS ?

2)  Assuming that we were to use the space qualified RTEMS 4.8 kernel, would we still be able to use Aeroflex Gaisler's BSP (RCC ?

3)  Would Aeroflex Gaisler's BSP also need to be space qualified ?

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,

Lee Matthews

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