blackfin how to

Jan Humpl jenikh at
Sun Jan 29 19:23:25 UTC 2012

yes, of course, u-boot documentation is good, but i'm searching RTEMS
documentation. Thanks

On 01/28/12 06:32, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 01:33, Jan Humpl <jenikh at> wrote:
>> I successfully installed u-boot on BF537 ezkit (thanks uClinux
>> documentation). Now I don't know what to do now - cause I can't find any
>> documentation.
> plenty of documentation abounds.  you just have to find the right one ;).
>> So I was tried to convert *.exe file to *.bin with command:
> a .exe is just an ELF.  try using "bootelf".
>> and then I can load this file to memory at address 0x1000. Then I can
>> run (?? I suppose) the program with "go 0x1000" => but I don't receive
>> any output on serial port.
>> I don't know, if that is correct, because I can't find any documentation
>> - that includes that I don't know, which device is used as standard
>> output (is it serial port?), is there ETH network running?, is there gdb
>> server running? Or how to test / debug the software?
> i can't speak to rtems documentation, just u-boot.  i've done very
> little of the former, but plenty of the latter.
> -mike

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