RTEMS behaviour when using rtems_clock_tick incorrectly?

Leonard Bise leonard.bise at syderal.ch
Thu Jul 5 09:53:11 UTC 2012

Hello all,

We're working on a project where we have a RTEMS application which uses the
rtems_clock_tick function to signal that a tick elapsed.
Now I just noticed that in some case the implementation is badly done and
this function can be called two successive times in a very short amount of

This happens because the rtems_clock_tick is called from an IRQ which is
triggered when receiving a synch signal over the MIL-1553 bus. This IRQ in
some error cases can be trigged two times in the lapse of a few

For debugging purposes and to better understand the problem we have, could
anyone shed some light on what could or would happen to RTEMS scheduling in
case the ticks are very close to each other instead of being called roughly
once per second?

Thanks in advance.

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