preferred working environment - advice from exp developers reg.

Vidh vidhu2366 at
Sat Jul 21 16:31:37 UTC 2012


I am a beginner at RTEMS.
I prefer using RTEMS through simulator since I will be contributing

I am interested and trying to contribute to libbsd network stack porting
activity that is in progress.
I am an ubuntu user but the wikis do not promise much for ubuntu.

So I would like to hear some advice from senior developers or developers
who recently got started
passing through this decision making hurdle on what OS would be more suited.

thanks! excuse me if this has been asked already and discussed elaborately.
if that is the case, please let me know where I can find those info,

thanks & regards,

Vidhoon Viswanathan
Design Engineer,
Texas Instruments
+91 7760711773 <>

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