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Ankit Laddha ankit1991laddha at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 14:26:23 UTC 2012

HI all:
I want to participate in gsoc 2012 with RTEMS. I like to work on the :"Use
Maps or Hashes in the implementation of Classic API Notepads and POSIX API
Keys" project. The main sub tasks for this project as i identified are:
1. Implementation or use a available implementation of a Hash/map algorithm
and give an API to use it.
2. Reimplementation of the notepads and POSIX keys using the Above API
3. Full code coverage the implementation of hash as well as notepads ans
Please guide me where to start now. should i implement my own hashing
algorithm or use existing implementation?

Also when i was looking at the source code for posix keys implementation.
the area allocated for posix keys includes area for threads of other APIs
but these keys are for Posix threads only.
Ankit Laddha
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