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Sat Mar 17 17:46:38 UTC 2012

On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 10:26 AM, Ankit Laddha
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> HI all:
> I want to participate in gsoc 2012 with RTEMS. I like to work on the :"Use
> Maps or Hashes in the implementation of Classic API Notepads and POSIX API
> Keys" project. The main sub tasks for this project as i identified are:
> 1. Implementation or use a available implementation of a Hash/map algorithm
> and give an API to use it.
> 2. Reimplementation of the notepads and POSIX keys using the Above API
> 3. Full code coverage the implementation of hash as well as notepads ans
> keys.
> Please guide me where to start now. should i implement my own hashing
> algorithm or use existing implementation?
I think you have the right ideas. You should prefer to use an existing
hash-map algorithm, but you may need to reimplement some of the code.
You should also make sure to think about whether hash-map even is the
right solution here.

> Also when i was looking at the source code for posix keys implementation.
> the area allocated for posix keys includes area for threads of other APIs
> but these keys are for Posix threads only.
I'm not familiar enough with this code to comment at this time. Joel?


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