GSOC 2012: Mentors-Students

Gedare Bloom gedare at
Sat Mar 24 16:17:47 UTC 2012


Potential Mentors:
I encourage anyone who has experience with RTEMS and a little spare
time (email/IRC a few times a week) to sign up as a mentor [1]. When
we get enough mentors to put two on each project we reduce the burden
on everyone.

Potential Students:
There has been some chatter on the lists and IRC (great!) about
projects; continue to ask these questions!

I would like to gently remind potential students that if you create a
Google Doc with your proposal contents, link to it from the RTEMS wiki
page [2], and share it with Joel (his gmail account first.last at gmail)
then he will add other mentors/reviewers so we can get an early look
at your ideas.  By going through this preliminary phase your proposal
will be much stronger when you submit the official project proposal
through Google's Melange site [1]. It also gives your project exposure
so that potential mentors can get interested earlier.



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