How can I install RTEMS builded system

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Sat Mar 24 14:36:43 UTC 2012

You are using install to cover a lot of terrritory. When we say install, it only refers to making the .h and libraries available to apps. 

You want to boot that app on virtual box. With the pc386 BSP, you can use grub and the linked elf exe is comparable to the linux kernel. Rtems-testing has helpers and guidance for doing this with qemu

vai bas <vai.csse at> wrote:

>Dear developers and users,
>               I'm sorry for much more questions. I have built RTEMS from source code using last version of git. I want to install RTEMS in my system. How can I do it, please let me know some documentation about it. I am going to see to check schedulibility of the task and set my own tools in this OS. At first I want to install it in my Virtual Box as OS. Tell me a bit or let me know a bit about please. Thanks as advance.
>Best regards
>skype - san_uu

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