Any arm-rtems users?

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Wed Mar 7 06:01:11 UTC 2012

On 03/06/2012 07:23 PM, Kirspel, Kevin wrote:
> I am an arm-rtems user (NXP LPC3250 BSP).  Our makefiles are structured so that changing the GCC compiler is simple.  I assume changes are needed for linkcmds since they are currently elf based.  I don't see why I couldn't easily switch.  But I may not know all the issues.  I am currently using an ARM Cortex-M3 (arm-none-eabi) on a non-rtems platform and have had no issues.

There are subtile and hard to catch differences between arm-elf and 

One such detail I am aware about is the set of GCC internal #defines. 
They are slightly different between arm-elf and arm-eabi and 
occasionally require patching.

One such case had been in newlib, which had gotten away unnoticed for 
some time (c.f. newlib-1.20.0/newlib/libc/sys/rtems/machine/_types.h in 
recent rtems-4.11 newlib patches).

Another detail, Sebastian recently found, whose impact is not yet fully 
understood is "sizeof(enum) == 2" on arm-eabi (Probably all other RTEMS 
toolchains, comprising arm-elf/rtems use "sizeof(enum) == 1").


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