RTEMS on x86 PC

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at rtems.org
Wed Mar 7 09:05:34 UTC 2012

On 03/07/2012 07:28 AM, Fered wrote:
> I found these instructions to boot using grub:
> multiboot (hd0)/hello.exe
> boot
> but after that, I see "Warning : This will be the last message on console" and
> no more messages.
> Are those instructions correct?

I don't know. grub1 and esp. grub2 varies between Linux distros to an 
extend, it's hard to provide any recommendation :(

> Please help me. I should boot RTEMS on a x86 PC and have no much time.

I have all rtems executables installed in a separate partition and am 
using a cascade of grubs to boot into different OSes (Fedora, CentOS, 
openSUSE and one partition for RTEMS).

To achieve this, I have a "master grub" on a master-bootpartition which 
redirects to other grub installations in other OS's boot partitions.

One of these partitions contains the RTEMS pc386 executables.

It (partition hd0,12) carries a boot/grub/grub.cfg which includes a file 
pointing to all rtems-testcases
(grub.cfg contains: configfile (hd0,12)/rtems-grub2.cfg)

This rtems-grub2.cfg contains a long list of menuentries per rtems 
executable, similar to this:

menuentry "4.11: pc386/testsuites/samples/base_sp/base_sp.exe" {
   set root=(hd0,12)
   multiboot (hd0,12)/i386-rtems4.11/c/pc386/testsuites/base_sp/base_sp.exe

To build these executables I mount the partition corresponding to 
(hd0,12) under Linux, build RTEMS and install into this directory.
Then I let a script generate rtems-grub2.cfg and reboot.

Unfortunately, I set up this long time ago (ca. 2 years ago) and don't 
recall all details anymore.


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