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Mon Mar 12 15:36:28 UTC 2012

On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 6:27 AM, WL <jolkaczad at> wrote:
> Thanks for the tip. At first glance, Pok looks like the appropriate
> solution for the "Partition Management Kernel" which encompasses the
> "Partition Scheduler & Dispatcher" and "Inter-Partition Communication"
> layers (using AIR terminology). I also like the AADL modelling
> language Pok uses to ease and validate system configuration. Getting
> instances of RTEMS to run on top of that and implementing the
> intra-partition ARINC 653 APEX API look like two distinct tasks, I'd
> like to confirm whether one of them would be in the scope of a single
> student summer project, maybe someone else has already looked into
> that? In the meantime I'll check out the AIR SPARC BSP you mentioned.
Yes getting RTEMS to run inside POK and implementing APEX are
distinct. RTEMS-POK integration is a good project. You would have to
dig deeper to see just how much work that would be.

APEX would need to be broken down into a lot of small subtasks that
could each be accomplished. The whole set of tasks is quite large. It
might be possible to define a few of the APEX calls that could be
implemented after RTEMS-POK integration---process management seems
like a good place to start.

> Also, why was ITRON support dropped?
bitrot. No one was (apparently) using or maintaining it.


> On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 6:48 AM, Joel Sherrill
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>> While ARINC 653 support is desirable, it is an extremely large project that is beyond a single student. The (recently removed) ITRON support took a class of approximately 20 students to construct as a semester project. Even it was incomplete.
>> ARINC 653 requires API support for inside a partition, between partitions, and a partition manager. Pok appears to be the best truly free alternative to build a solution with.  If you are interested in ARINC 653, I would recommend looking at Pok which is available today and getting RTEMS BSPs that are able to run as guests in the partitions.
>> The AIR SPARC BSP developed last year would also be a starting point but we would lile x86 and PowerPC BSPs for Pok as well.
>> I am cc'ing the author of Pok.
>> --joel
>> WL <jolkaczad at> wrote:
>>>I'm looking into the task involving writing an API which will support
>>>the partition-internal services of ARINC-653 as a GSoC project. I went
>>>through some of the reading material linked on the wiki, but still
>>>have a couple questions. First of all I'd like to take a look at the
>>>specification to start reading and prepare a bit, especially since the
>>>AIR report mentioned that some aspects of the API mapping were found
>>>more complex than anticipated. Is there a copy available for RTEMS
>>>developers (I know it costs over $200, but don't know what the license
>>>on it is), or would I have to obtain it myself? Also, is the code
>>>developed by the AIR taskforce as a proof of concept implementation or
>>>at least its documentation publicly available, would be good as a
>>>starting point.
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