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> This is all valuable stuff, and the topic is getting more interesting
> by the minute. I see that this would somewhat pick up where a last
> year's GSoC project left off. Is the student still active in the
> community? If not ,did he leave his work in a useable state? I'd like
> to contact him since there's no need to do the same research again and
> come to conclusions which have already been arrived at.
I believe last year's student worked primarily on the hypervisor guest
aspect---mainly on paravirtualization of RTEMS kernel and a particular
BSP. While this is related to ARINC API, we have identified
paravirtualization of RTEMS as a separate project.

Here is how I see it. We want the ARINC APEX interface so that
applications can be compiled / executed using the standard interface.
Within RTEMS we should implement the intra-partition services, and any
application that uses solely those services should work. Separately we
can tackle the issue of how to get RTEMS to work properly
(paravirtualized) as a guest that is scheduled by a partition OS, like
POK/AIR, that offers the inter-partition services for a
fully-compatible ARINC-653 solution.


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