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On 03/16/2012 09:14 AM, 张文杰 wrote:
> Hi, all:
> I am the student who implement the GSOC2011 project hypervisor for RTEMS.
> In my original proposal i wanted port the linux to the RTEMS
> paravirtualization hypervisor
> named AIR. But as the progress of project, the plan had changed into
> adapt the
> lastest RTEMS to the AIR hypervisor. So what i did is make the lastest
> RTEMS run
> under AIR successfully which contains a paravirtualization RTEMS
> kernel named
> POK. If you want to know any information please free to contact me
:) We are very interested. I didn't realize that AIR used Pok. Since I
get access to AIR, I was refocusing on Pok. Julien Delange is
responsible for

We would like to see RTEMS as a proper client under Pok and eventually
support the ARINC-653 API that way. So getting your BSP into proper shape
on the RTEMS head and making sure others can run it is a BIG deal.
>From there, we can begin to support other architectures supported by Pok
and provide application level ARINC services.
> At 2012-03-16 06:47:16,"Julien Delange" <julien.delange at> wrote:
> >On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 6:44 PM, WL <jolkaczad at> wrote:
> >> This is all valuable stuff, and the topic is getting more interesting
> >> by the minute. I see that this would somewhat pick up where a last
> >> year's GSoC project left off. Is the student still active in the
> >> community? If not ,did he leave his work in a useable state? I'd like
> >> to contact him since there's no need to do the same research again and
> >> come to conclusions which have already been arrived at.
> >
> >Hello,
> >
> >Please have a look the the links below. Also, the whole project has
> >several goals :
> >1. Implement ARINC653 services in RTEMS. If you consider RTEMS only,
> >you can only design intra-partition services (tasks, intra-partition
> >comm. , etc ...). This is described in [3].
> >2. Implement a prototype of a hypervisor to execute several RTEMS
> >instance in different partitions (see proposal [4]). In that case, the
> >work consists in (1) design a first prototype to execute RTEMS in
> >several partition and (2) adapt RTEMS to call the hypervisor services
> >for inter-partitions interactions. Once that is done, we can also
> >implement ARINC653 inter-partitions services.
> >
> >So, implementing full ARINC653 compliance for RTEMS would require to
> >do both tasks. The second project is more difficult but has more
> >priority since this would be the fundation for building partitions
> >using RTEMS. In addition, making the partitioned-bsp of RTEMS would be
> >really tricky because it has to be as much generic as possible to fit
> >with other separation kernel approaches (as AIR, XtratuM or POK).
> >
> >As far as I know, the GSOC 2011 project focuses on the second item of
> >the work. It was based on AIR but unfortunately, it does not seem
> >available (you can check on However, the
> >report of this work is available as gdoc documents, you have to
> >request access to it, links to ask are located on page [2]. Also, Joel
> >may have more information about the status of the 2011 GSOC project
> >related to this topic.
> >
> >Hope that helps,
> >
> >[1]
> >[2]
> >[3]
> >[4]
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