good first target?

Patrick patrick at
Sun May 13 17:49:51 UTC 2012

On 12-05-13 01:44 PM, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 13/05/12 16:37, Patrick wrote:
>> For my first RTEMS project all I want to do is play with a few GPIO 
>> lines. My main concern is starting a project and then finding out 
>> that there isn't full Ada support for my target. 
> The Ada support is only a matter of the tool chain.
>> I could use a microcontroller or a SBC. I could spend $100 or so but 
>> if ARM or other lighter weight processors are fully supported then I 
>> would prefer this over X86.
> I don't know a evaluation board with debugger for $100.  For $169 you 
> get this:
>> I like the eLua project. With this project there are several targets 
>> supported but the Luminary Micro LM3S8962 is used by many members. 
>> There are tutorials that discuss it's development board and there are 
>> no weak spots in the project with this board. It is a sort a common 
>> reference point.
> You can develop a BSP for the LM3S8962. We already support the 
> LM3S6965 on the Qemu simulator.  You can play around with this BSP on 
> Qemu to do your first steps with Ada and learn more about the system 
> initialization of RTEMS.  You can then write step-by-step a BSP for 
> the LM3S8962.
  Thanks Sebastian

This board looks very nice, I'll try to buy one.

If I can get RTEMS onto my Luminary board I will post a tutorial on it.

Thanks again

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