RTEMS Selected as Google Code In Organization

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Mon Nov 12 22:02:09 UTC 2012


Google has announced the participating organizations
for the 2012 edition of Google Code In. This is a program
for high school students and you should pitch this to
your local high school. :)


Only TEN!! organizations were accepted.

  * Apertium
  * Copyleft Games Group
  * Haiku
  * KDE
  * RTEMS Project
  * Sahana Software Foundation
  * SugarLabs
  * The Fedora Project
  * The NetBSD Project

As this is a great honour, I encourage users to pitch in
and help mentor. Mentoring GCI is different from mentoring
GSOC students. Each task is smaller and should be something
almost ANY member of the RTEMS Community can do in
about two hours.

Our goal as a project is to have enough people responding
to students that we are ALWAYS available and respond quickly.
To achieve this, a mailing list has been set up so each
mentor can track every open task. If one needs attention and
you are available, respond.

Please volunteer to be a mentor in this.

Similarly if you have ideas for appropriate tasks, please
help by adding them to


Thanks and let's make this a great program for the students.

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