RTEMS and PCI Express

Steven Grunza sgrunza at ctdi.com
Wed Nov 14 21:17:24 UTC 2012

The intention of PCI Express was to be software compatible with existing
PCI implementations.  If there's a driver for the PCI version of a chip,
then the PCI Express version of the chip should work.  There are some
additional capabilities in the PCIe world that an existing PCI driver
won't know about or be able to use.






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Any answer? I think this my fifth unanswered email. I dunno I'm wrong at
asking my question in the correct way, I'm wrong at choosing the proper
mailing list for asking the question, there is some policy in answering
the question, or what. But I appreciate if someone has any idea that
what is wrong that I've 5 consecutive unanswered emails. I hope someone
clarify it for me.



On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 3:59 PM, SAeeD <salpha.2004 at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi every body,

SAeeD:  Does RTEMS support devices on PCI Express slot? 

SRG: Yes


SAeeD:  In particular Ethernet Controllers.

SRG: Yes


SAeeD:  I mean, is there any driver for Ethernet Controllers on PCI

SRG: I'm not familiar with the particular Ethernet controllers currently
in RTEMS.  Perhaps someone else would know the directory path in which
to search.  I don't have the source available to me at the moment.



SAeeD:  Is there necessary infrastructure in the OS core?

SRG: Yes, because PCI is already supported.  I don't know if the
additional features available in PCIe are supported in all the chipset



SRG:  The more details you provide about your hardware (and RTEMS
version) the more details that can be provided.  Most of my answers
above are very general answers to general questions.  This may be
related to why you haven't gotten many replies.



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