Eclipse RTEMS Plug-in with CentOS 6.3 Virtual Machine

Leon P. Ree leon.ree at
Tue Sep 11 03:45:40 UTC 2012


I'm trying out the CentOS 6.3 virtual machine from sourceforge.  I thought
that while I was looking around I would try out Eclipse (Helios) seeing it
was installed and see if I could get the RTEMS plug-in working.  I have
been following the instructions on the "RTEMS Eclipse Plug-in" wiki page
however I have had no success.  From the menu I select "Help | Install New
Software" and then try Adding the .jar file as a repository archive but it
says there are no software items found in it.

My catch is that my WinXP host machine is not connected to the internet so
I downloaded the .jar file for the plugin and have been trying to use it
from a USB stick.  I am not sure if this is the root of my problems or
something else.

If someone is able to shed any light on this it would be appreciated.

Best Regards,

PS. The eclipse related packages I have installed in the VM (via "yum list
installed | grep eclipse") are:
eclipse-birt.i686       2.6.0-1.1.el6
eclipse-callgraph.i686  0.6.1-1.el6
eclipse-cdt.i686        1:7.0.1-4.el6
eclipse-changelog.i686  1:2.7.0-1.el6
eclipse-dtp.i686        1.8.1-1.1.el6
eclipse-emf.i686        2.6.0-1.el6
eclipse-gef.i686        3.6.1-3.el6
eclipse-jdt.i686        1:3.6.1-6.13.el6
eclipse-mylyn.i686      3.4.2-9.el6
eclipse-mylyn-java.i686 3.4.2-9.el6
eclipse-oprofile.i686   0.6.1-1.el6
eclipse-pde.i686        1:3.6.1-6.13.el6
eclipse-platform.i686   1:3.6.1-6.13.el6
eclipse-rcp.i686        1:3.6.1-6.13.el6
eclipse-rpm-editor.i686 0.5.0-2.el6
eclipse-rse.i686        3.2-1.el6
eclipse-subclipse.i686  1.6.5-6.el6
eclipse-svnkit.i686     1.3.0-3.el6
eclipse-swt.i686        1:3.6.1-6.13.el6
eclipse-valgrind.i686   0.6.1-1.el6
icu4j-eclipse.i686      1:4.2.1-5.el6
jetty-eclipse.noarch    6.1.24-2.el6

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