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Binkowski, Cassio cassioiks at
Thu Sep 20 13:48:43 UTC 2012

Hi all

I'm trying to build tools from source to get it running in MacOS and I'm
following the steps listed in the following link:

Although it is not mentioned that we're supposed to *configure* GMP, MPC,
and MPFR, I'm running the standard *configure* for these tools.

When I'm trying to build GCC with the *configure* options, found in the
above mentioned Wiki link, the following happens:

   - it finds gmp.h
   - it finds mpc.h
   - it finds mpfr.h
   - Determine whether libraries are in the correct version ----> no

Checking the *config.log *file I could see that the libraries were not
built for the same architecture GCC is trying to link, which is x86_64 by
the way.

Has anyone ever done this before and have an insight on what I could do to
get it working?

Perhaps the issue is when I'm trying to configure GMP, MPC and MPFR, and
it's all just a matter of getting the *configure* options right. What do
you guys think?

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