Please Review Rewrite of Configuring a System Chapter

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Sat Apr 6 22:19:45 UTC 2013


I have undertaken a very significant overhaul of the Configuring
a System chapter. Each parameter now has a man page style
section which allows much greater freedom in including

I have placed the PDF of the new version of
the chapter in my personal ftp space.  It needs review.

In particular, before I commit it, I would like to know if there are
any reordering of sections, typos, etc that need addressing.
After it is committed, it still needs a review for:

+ is everything in confdefs.h documented?
+ are the data type and ranges and default value sections consistent?
+ More examples
+ More advice on each parameter
+ More cross references.
+ Possibly more index entries

Cynthia was kind enough to review it while before I was finished.

Please review and comment. Otherwise, sometime next week
I will commit it.

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