build issue with leon2 bsp code

Milo H. Fields mfields at
Sun Apr 7 04:03:51 UTC 2013


I believe there may be a problem with the bsp code for leon2 bsp.  When
configured with 'CONSOLE_USE_INTERRUPTS=1' the resulting make will result in
a file not found error for 'ringbuf.h' for the compile of the file


b-leon2 Config:

../rtems-4.11/configure --target=sparc-rtems \

--enable-rtemsbsp=leon2 \

--prefix=<rtems-install> --enable-posix \



To work around the issue I revised 'console.c ' line 73 from 

#include <ringbuf.h>


#include <rtems/ringbuf.h>


However I assume a change in '' tree is preferred..  

This was discovered on an older version however it was verified 4.11 with
the current 'git' pull.


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