Daron Chabot daron.chabot at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 20:57:24 UTC 2013


I'm working with RTEMS 4.9.3 and the mvme3100 BSP

In trying to emulate the vxworks function, memalign( ), and it looks like:

1) there is no equivalent in RTEMS, but it's prototyped in newlib
2) posix_memalign( ) is defined in cpukit/libcsupport/src, but does not
appear in any headers and cannot be linked against. It's definitely in

dchabot at dev32new--> nm /usr/powerpc-rtems4.9/mvme3100/lib/librtemscpu.a
00000000 T posix_memalign
         U rtems_malloc_statistics
         U rtems_memalign

3) rtems_memalign( ) appears to be the only functional variant

Is there a more elegant solution here than creating my own memalign( )
wrapper around rtems_memalign( ) ? It seems like an error to not have a
posix_memalign( ) available...

-- dc
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