Building RTEMS 4.10.2 with Ada support

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Apr 4 12:45:52 UTC 2013

Sorry for the delay. I am on travel.

On 4/2/2013 3:50 PM, Jérôme Hugues wrote:
> Hi,
> i'd like to build RTEMS 4.10.2 with support for Ada. I ran into this issue
> /home/hugues/jerome/build_rtems-4.10/gcc-cross-ada-4.4.7/b-gcc-4.4.7-sparc-rtems4.10/./gcc/xgcc -B/home/hugues/jerome/build_rtems-4.10/gcc-cross-ada-4.4.7/b-gcc-4.4.7-sparc-rtems4.10/./gcc/ -nostdinc -B/home/hugues/jerome/build_rtems-4.10/gcc-cross-ada-4.4.7/b-gcc-4.4.7-sparc-rtems4.10/sparc-rtems4.10/newlib/ -isystem /home/hugues/jerome/build_rtems-4.10/gcc-cross-ada-4.4.7/b-gcc-4.4.7-sparc-rtems4.10/sparc-rtems4.10/newlib/targ-include -isystem /home/hugues/jerome/build_rtems-4.10/gcc-cross-ada-4.4.7/gcc-4.4.7/newlib/libc/include -B/opt/rtems-4.10/sparc-rtems4.10/bin/ -B/opt/rtems-4.10/sparc-rtems4.10/lib/ -isystem /opt/rtems-4.10/sparc-rtems4.10/include -isystem /opt/rtems-4.10/sparc-rtems4.10/sys-include -c -g -O2   -W -Wall -gnatpg   g-socket.adb -o g-socket.o
> g-socket.adb:1669:15: duplication of choice value at line 1667 <==
> It looks like a known issue from the archive, see
> Yet, I could not find in the tar ball for the Ada front end, and in the patch for gcc 4.4.7 a mention of the patch for Joel that would solve this. As far as I understand, the patch went into GCC 4.5.x. repo at the FSF (see )
I always build Ada (and other languages) using the full gcc tarballs. 
The build
sequence for Ada (and other languages with threading) requires having RTEMS
built and installed before doing the secondary build of gcc.

Use the full gcc tarball from as a starting point.
>  From Ralf Corsepius mail ( ), it looks like the mentioned patches do not address this issue, but other issues in gcc-core only (not the Ada front end)
> hence two questions
> - Did someone back port the patch pointed by Joel to RTEMS 4.1abl0 toolchain?
I don't recall doing it but if there is a need, it is easy to add to the 
4.10 patch set. Or at least put it on the ftp site.
> - if no, does it mean RTEMS 4.10 cannot support Ada?
Well it means that without that patch, gcc 4.4.x won't build for it.

Based on my testing pattern then, it is likely that I was testing the gcc
head and forward looking and didn't get a fix in 4.4. :(

If you need me to build something and prepare a patch, it will
take a few days but I need to know all the versions you are
using to work from.
> Thanks
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