Building RTEMS 4.10.2 with Ada support

Jérôme Hugues hugues.jerome at
Thu Apr 4 15:07:24 UTC 2013


Le 4 avr. 2013 à 14:45, Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at> a écrit :

> Sorry for the delay. I am on travel.

No problem for that

> I always build Ada (and other languages) using the full gcc tarballs. The build
> sequence for Ada (and other languages with threading) requires having RTEMS
> built and installed before doing the secondary build of gcc.

Yes, I've seen that when I compiled RTEMS 4.10.99

> If you need me to build something and prepare a patch, it will
> take a few days but I need to know all the versions you are
> using to work from.

I could do the patch, this is not a big deal on my end, I wanted to make sure I was not missing something obvious

My set up is to compile RTEMS 4.10.2 using GCC 4.4.7
the choice for 4.4.7 is dictated by the fact that you put this version here

Also, I see in the ftp that you have
- split archives for gcc 4.4.7, and split patches
- but also a consolidated GCC 4.4.7 archive and one big patch

are those files equivalent?

Do you want a patch just for gcc-ada, or a patch against the whole archive?
it looks like the philosophy is to have split archive, but just let me know and I'll adjust


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