wrong input format was Re: Compiling Rtems by another compiler

Ablalimov abl-s at yandex.ru
Thu Aug 15 03:28:31 UTC 2013

You can use "file" command to determine file content type.
file <file name>
After this you need use objcopy to convert your file to needed format.

11.08.2013 1:35, Joel Sherrill пишет:
> On 8/10/2013 1:59 PM, Ehsan Salmanpour wrote:
>> I don't need to compile with this compiler. As I said before I want to
>> compile RTEMS for arm7 that can be simulated in SimpleScalar. when I
>> use the original compiler of RTEMS (as mentioned in Docs) the
>> SimpleScaler does NOT recognize the binary of the output.
> This is what objcopy is for. What format does SimpleScalar
> want the executable in?
> If you can't answer that directly, how is one of their examples
> or another program compiled and linked and prepared for
> execution?
> This is a common issue in embedded  systems. The loader
> on the target generally wants something special that is
> not the direct output of ld.
> --joel

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