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That will get you a toolset. Once you build a particular BSP, you have to account for the hardware specifics of a board and its loader. Alan doesn't use SimpleScalar so we should be looking at their examples.

Ehsan Salmanpour <salmanpour.ehsan at yahoo.com> wrote:

I used examples of this compilation:

but I didn't get any result. please check the link above and tell me if something is wrong.

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On 8/10/2013 1:59 PM, Ehsan Salmanpour wrote:
I don't need to compile with this compiler. As I said before I want to compile RTEMS for arm7 that can be simulated in SimpleScalar. when I use the original compiler of RTEMS (as mentioned in Docs) the SimpleScaler does NOT recognize the binary of the output.

This is what objcopy is for. What format does SimpleScalar
want the executable in?

If you can't answer that directly, how is one of their examples
or another program compiled and linked and prepared for

This is a common issue in embedded  systems. The loader
on the target generally wants something special that is
not the direct output of ld.

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On 2013-08-08 21:59, Ehsan Salmanpour wrote:
> Hi Everyone!
> I want to know is it possible to compile RTEMS with another compile like:
> *SimpleScalar/ARM Cross Compiler*
> (https://sites.google.com/site/pkuwangh/solutions/arm_cross)
> How?
> My goal is compile Rtems for arm7 that can be simulated in SimpleScalar.

Why do you need this compiler?  The RTEMS GCC emits standard EABI version 5 code.

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